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Benefits of A+

What does the A+ Program mean for the student?

  • Opportunities to plan ahead for life following high school graduation
  • Scholarship opportunities at some participating four-year colleges and universities
  • Money(reimbursement for tuition and fees) to attend a participating Missouri public community college, technical or vocational school for two years 
  • Insurance for the future - A+ status and benefits remain valid for four years after graduation
  • Opportunities to explore Career Path interests
  • Tutoring/mentoring opportunities
  • Good grade and attendance incentives
  • You don’t have to be at the top of your class to qualify for A+ program benefits and the financial incentives to attend a two year technical or community college after graduation. 
  • Many qualifying students use the A+ funding to jump start their education, then transfer to a four year college or university with junior level status.
  • A+ graduates have a maximum of four calendar years from the date of graduation to access A+ funding.
  • Students will be recognized at graduation

What steps do I take to participate  in the  A+ program?

1. Complete and return an A+ Agreement to the A+ coordinator.  Agreement forms are available in the A+ Office and on-line.

2. Keep a copy of the A+ Manual for policies including citizenship and attendance requirements.

3. Talk to the A+ coordinator about opportunities to complete the tutoring requirement. 

4. Be conscientious to maintain good attendance, grades, and citizenship beginning with the 9thgrade year.