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•  A+ participants must perform a minimum of 50 hours of unpaid, school-based, academic tutoring.  Tutoring may begin when the A+ student has met the following:

  • Accumulated at least a 2.4 grade point average
  • Accumulated a 95% attendance record
  • Recognized as a good citizen by the school

•  All tutoring/mentoring must be arranged through the A+ Coordinator.

•  Tutoring must be done on Miller School District premises and supervised by a Miller School District staff member.

•  Tutoring time needs to be documented on the official Cardinal A+ Tutoring Log and signed by the supervising teacher.  The participant is responsible for maintaining her/his log accurately and submitting the log to the A+ Office in a timely manner. ONLY time that is spent “assisting or tutoring” a student will apply towards the time that is recorded on the log.   Making copies, grading papers, posting bulletin boards and other such work does not apply towards tutoring time.

•  The student is expected to be present for their tutoring assignment and follow the school district rules and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

•  Students who travel off campus must provide their own transportation.

•  In the event of an absence the student should notify the A+ Office and their cooperating teacher.  Student and parent must sign a confidentiality and driving contract.

Tutoring Opportunities

•  A+ Tutoring Class - Students enrolling in this class can earn ½ unit of credit per semester. This class provides training and tutoring opportunities for the A+ student to meet the 50 hour tutoring requirement.  Students will gain training such as learning styles, listening skills, motivation techniques and organizational skills that will help them assist other students academically.

• 21st Century After School Program - Students can tutor junior high and elementary students who are enrolled in the Red & White After School Club.  Bus transportation is available if tutoring is done a minimum of three days per week.

•  Cadet Teaching - Students who enroll in the cadet teaching class may request information about tutor training. 

•  Homeroom – Study Skills Mentoring Program - Students who apply and are accepted can participate in the Cardinal Mentoring Program.  Cardinal Mentors who tutor / mentor other students during homeroom may log their tutoring hours.

•  Summer School - Tutoring is available during summer school. You must register for summer school and the A+ Tutoring Program by May 5th in order to participate. Summer school is a four week session and adjustable hours  are available.