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Citizenship Policy


Participation in the A+ Schools Program is an honor and a unique privilege for Miller High School students.  This requirement states that the A+ student must maintain a record of good citizenship throughout high school.  Good citizenship is a measure of the quality of conduct in school and away from school.  A+ participants are expected to exhibit standards of behavior which will bring credit to the student, the A+ program, the school, and the community.


The School Board insists that student behavior be in compliance with School Board policy, with the Student Handbook Regulations, and with public laws.  While it is not possible to cite every example of behaviors that violate policies,  regulations, or public laws, there are certain behaviors that are more frequently a problem. 


Student discipline records will be maintained throughout their four years of high school.  Any citizenship/discipline violation committed by an A+ student will be subject to review by the Miller administrative and A+ office and may result in the student being placed on probation or removed from the A+ program.


All participants begin their high school career with good citizen status – zero (0) points.  The accumulation of twenty-four (24) points at any time during a student’s enrollment atMiller High School will result in the removal of the student from the A+ Program.

The following types of incidents or behaviors will be subject to review and possible cause for students to be placed on probation for a period of time not less than one semester.


1. Repeated referrals - Referrals to the office should be minimal.  Three referrals during one school year are excessive.

2. ISS is 3 points per day and OSS is 4 points per day.

3. Any out-of-school suspension is cause for review of the student’s continued eligibility in the A+ program..


In compliance with the regulations of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education A+ Schools Program, the Miller R-II district has determined that a student will be removed immediately from the A+ Schools financial assistance program for the following.   Removal from the program will render the student ineligible to receive tuition reimbursement through the A+ Schools Program. 


1. The unlawful use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol and/or drugs

2. Violation of local, state or federal criminal laws

3. Conviction of a felony - either prior to or during the contract period

4. Conviction of criminal activity as defined by the Safe Schools Act.


An appeal of A+ disciplinary decision may be made through the A+ Office.  A Citizenship Appeal form is available in the A+ Office.

A+ Citizenship Appeal Process

Students and  parents/guardians may appeal an A+ disciplinary decision using the following process:

  • Students and parents/guardians will have 15 calendar days to appeal a decision that is made dealing with discipline using the A+ Citizenship Appeal Form available from the A+ Office.
  • The appeal must be made in writing through the A+ Coordinator.
  • The A+ Coordinator will convene the A+ Citizenship Committee.
  • The A+ Coordinator will act as a facilitator and a nonvoting member of the review committee.  After the committee reaches a decision, the A+ Coordinator will notify the parents by letter.  Decisions of the review committee will be considered final.