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Document Title Date Uploaded
R2110 Nondiscrimination and Student Rights 2021-12-14
R2170 Distribution of Non-Curricular Publications by Students 2018-06-22
R2200 Admission and Withdrawal 2021-12-14
R2230 Admission of Non-Tuition Students 2021-12-14
R2240 Admission and Tuition- Non-Resident Students 2023-10-26
R2240 Admission and Tuition- Non-Resident Students 2021-12-14
R2250 Admission of Exchange Students 2018-06-22
R2260 Homeless Students 2021-12-14
R2270 Migrant Students 2021-12-14
R2310 Student Attendance 2018-06-22
R2320 Part-time Attendance 2018-06-22
R2330 Student Early Dismissal Procedures 2018-06-22
R2340 Truancy and Educational Neglect 2018-06-22
R2240 Student Educational Records 2021-12-14
R2410 Health Information Records 2021-12-14
R2520 Promotion and Retention 2018-06-22
R2525 Graduation Requirements 2021-12-14
R2610 Behavioral Expectations 2018-06-22
R2620 Firearms and Weapons in School 2021-12-14
R2653 Student Participation in Secret Organizations and Gangs 2021-12-14
R2660 Detention 2021-12-14
R2662 Suspension 2021-12-14
R2663 Expulsion 2018-06-22
R2664 Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion 2021-12-14
RF2671 Discipline Hearings 2019-05-03
R2672 Discipline of Students with Disabilities 2021-12-14
R2673 Reporting Violent Behavior 2021-12-14
R2710 Reporting Student Abuse 2021-12-14
R2740 Student Safety 2021-12-14
R2750 Wellness 2018-06-22
R2760 Students in Foster Care 2021-12-14
R2765 Transfer of Care and Custody 2021-12-14
R2785 Student Suicide Awareness 2022-10-24
R2850 Inoculations of Students 2021-12-14
R2860 Students with Communicable Diseases 2018-06-22
R2870 Administering Medicines to Students 2021-12-14
R2875 Student Allergy Prevention and Response 2021-12-14
R2876 Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder: Individualized Health Plan 2022-10-24
R2910 Student Publications 2018-06-22
R2920 Interscholastic Activities and Athletics 2018-06-22
R2940 Student Group Use of School Facilities 2018-06-22
R2655 Independent Education Evaluation Procedures for Students with Disabilities Under the IDEA 2021-12-14