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Coiled Basket Art Project

Posted Date: 03/25/2022

Coiled Basket Art Project
High school students learned about "coiled baskets". One area famous for coiled baskets is Botswana, South Africa. Coiled baskets are shaped by interlacing a long, spiral foundation called the core to a second material named the binder. Traditionally, these baskets are made by women using natural materials including strands from the palm frond plant and dyes made from special root barks.
Students created their own coiled baskets using coiling core and yarn. Each basket has a unique shape and unique color pattern.
SayerKendallJackJarodShaelynTannerAlinaMichaelJoey GarrettMarrissaColtonBrendanAshleyAlexisDaytonaHannahScottyCadenZachMikaylaJaxonJacklyn