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District Basketball 2021

Posted Date: 02/22/2021

Attention Cardinal Fans: The following ticket codes are live and ready for use. Once the 300 tickets are purchased this code will become inactive.


You must have a digital ticket(You can print this off) to enter the games this week. No ticket sales at the gate.



Girls Basketball - Code - 33F42N

Wednesday, February 24 - 6:00PM

1) Miller vs 4) Pierce City @ Miller HS


Boys Basketball - Code - FBD55Y

Thursday, February 25- 6:00PM

2) Miller vs 3) Southwest/6) Diamond @ Miller HS


We will be utilizing the digital ticketing service provided by MSHSAA for ticketing for the games we host this week. For those of you who purchased tickets to the State Volleyball games, this will be the same process.

Distribution of Tickets:

Each school will receive a total of 300 tickets. (100 to each team, 200 to each community)

Each Team will receive 100 pre-sale tickets.

Once the pre-sale period is up, all remaining team tickets will be swept into the general public pool of 200 tickets.



If we are fortunate enough to win our first games(Wednesday & Thursday), we will distribute the team code that night to the coaches to distribute to their players. The following day at 2:00PM we will release the code to the public.

How to purchase tickets:

- Navigate to

- Click on the Ticket icon at the top of the home page

- Select the Sport you wish to view

- Select Class 3 District 12, this will bring up all events in one class and will be organized by district number

- Choose the matchup from the list of events

- Click the link Have a passcode?

- Enter the provided passcode and click Apply

- Enter the number of tickets you are permitted to purchase and click Checkout

- Name, email, and phone are required in case contact tracing is necessary

- Enter card information to purchase the ticket (there is a transaction fee of $1 per ticket + % per transaction)

- Ticket will be sent to you electronically for presentation at the gate for admission, which may be printed or remain on the device for scanning

Email for purchase support.