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Frosty Fruit Slushies for Sale at the Junior High and High School

FBLA is selling slushies! These slushies are $2 each for a 12 ounce cup. They will be sold during all lunches Wednesday and Friday and during Cardinal Times Thursday and Friday. Frosty Fruit Slushies are sweetened with 100% fruit juice and not only meet, but exceed all of the USDA Smart Snack Standards for schools! For more information about Frosty Fruit or the nutritional information and . . . read more

Miller Alumni Association

Have you ever been involved in a conversation about our schools that starts with, “I wonder why we don’t have…..” or “We really need a………”or even, “My student came home and said that we are missing…..” If you have had these conversations and want to be . . . read more

Winter Illness and Prevention

Winter Illness Winter weather and illness is upon us!  Help protect your family from illness with good prevention practices.  These include: -       A healthy diet including fruit and vegetables, and plenty of fluids each day. -       Avoid sharing . . . read more

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